Lobster X Partysnake

Suck it! Special Addition

“Every fall we drop in two extra graphic versions of the park and jib board. We keep these graphics secret until the start of the season. So when you see them no one has seen them before. Don’t be afraid!”


Eiki Pro Model

I tried to create a board that feels just like a jib board, but with even more pop and more stability going high speed. Working with the design crew we came up with soft jibby park board that's easy to ride, easy to press, and easy to control. But we added carbon fiber strips from edge to edge near the bindings so that shit's got pop. By putting the carbon here it gives the board a ton of pop and power underfoot, but doesn't make it all weird and stuff for presses or on rails. I have been a huge fan of trippy things that glow in the dark since I was a little kid, so I wanted to put that into my pro model gear this year and I'm pretty hyped on how it turned out!

-Eiki Helgason


Halldor Pro Model

I went all in on a weird looking paint camo combo with orange. I've always been stoked on that combo and figured it was time to make that go down! This board has a asymetrical 3BT which gives a little more uplift on the toeside which makes it easier to stomp big tricks. I really wasn't sure about this thing before I tried it, but after I rode it for a day I thought it was the sickest thing for riding park and would be killer for slope-style contests. It really is a board that works for everything. -Halldor Helgason



We built this one for jibbing, duh. The core and fiberglass design give it a real smooth soft flex that you can steer, press, butter and ollie with full foot control. Just because it's soft doesn't mean it's got no pop. No way, man, it's loaded with full camber to boost onto rails, off buildings, over SLOW signs, wherever you need that spring.

With wide 3BT shaping, it's lso nice and stable for landings, takeoffs and presses and the uplifted edges make it forgiving to jib, slide and butter around. Boom!



From disco tempo park laps to laid back jib sessions in the streets the Parkboard is a proven punisher. The soft-medium flex is just the right balance between jib feel and control at slower speeds, and the stiffness you need for takeoffs and landings on park jumps. It's got a hard, fast base that can hold up to abuse and hold speed when you're pointing it into and away from those big booters.



This is our most aggressive board. It's made to tame beastly park jumps and big ass backcountry gaps, or simply for freestyle riders who like a stiffer, more powerful ride. Its mid flex can handle aggressive riders and its twin tip shape is made for freestyle riding, but that's not to say it can't tear up some pow thanks to the 3BT tip shapes. It has carbon fiber additives making it the snappiest, most responsive board in the line.



We made this one for the little Lobsters out there, for those little crustaceans that want to send it in the high seas of terrain parks and jibs. With a soft flex for lighter weights it makes it easier to press, butter, snap and control on jumps and rails. It's a twin shape for easy switch riding and comes with a fast and durable extruded base that's easy to fix and doesn't need much waxing.


Nose Job

Who needs a plastic surgeon when all you need is a saw! Just be carefull with that saw, kids, or you may need a plastic surgeon! Instead of a perfectly round tip and tail, the Nose Job comes with big ol' blunt tips that you can cut into any shape you please. Give it spikes, make it asymmetric, carve a swallowtail, cut a camel toe, shape a wiener! You can cut whatever the hell you want, just don't cut your arm off. Whatever pattern you create, the board is backed with wide and stable Jib 3BT shaping, poppy wood core, easy riding bi-ax fiberglass and a hard and fast sintered base. Slice up your own signature promodel.