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2014/15 special additions

special additions

  • The special addition Jib (by Eiki) and Park (by Halldor) boards are released at the start of the season to shops, riders and industry people all at the same time. Nobody gets to see them before that - they aren't at trade shows or in product guides. In fact we haven't even made them by then. A special addition Lobster board is special to us, and something people can always look forward to each season. We will keep on doing them even if they sell or not - they're a piece or art as well as a functional baord / table so, like basketball cards, you can collect them all! - and they never get old!

  • 1314_boards_parkbaord_sa_thumb parkbaord
    rv juice
  • 1314_boards_jibbaord_sa_thumb jibbaord
  • lobster_board_sketchyalley_thumb parkbaord
    sketchy alley
  • lobster_board_canymachine_thumb jibbaord
    candy machine