3BT Triple Graphic

We shape all our boards with Triple Base Technology™ because it's awesome. The lifted sidebase areas at the widest points of the board make a lot of sense. The boards turn faster and more smoothly and helps when you are not completely clean on your landings.

3BT Under Bindings

1. We start out with a base that is flat from edge to edge between the bindings. The edges directly under and between your feet should always be engaged to control the board under all circumstances

3BT Nose Tail

2. As we move out from the binding area the nose and tail section of the board gets divided in three parts and we start to gradually lift the sidebases up from the snow. This makes the board loose, playful and catch-free.

3BT Widest Points

3. At the widest points of the board the sidebase uplift is the highest. Not only does this make it super smooth and effortless to get into turns it also increases the boards float in powder and makes it smoother to ride through uneven terrain.

3BT Board

TAKE NOTE! Triple Base Technology™ comes in a lot of different flavors and variations that are tuned to different types of terrain. So make sure you pick the 3BT™ shape that fits best your riding style.


3BT Jib Shape

JIB 3BT™ is tuned with a true twin outline and the widest centerbase in the range for locked in presses, stable slides and powerful ollies. This 3BT™ flavor features the least sidebase uplift while preserving the forgiving attributes of our 3D shaping for less hang-ups.

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3BT Twin Shape

PARK 3BT™ is a true twin shape great for all kinds of park riding, from jumps to jibs. The centerbase section is wide making these boards more stable at high speeds—just what is needed for solid kicker riding. This combination of center and sidebase geometry makes PARK 3BT™ perfect for boards that need high-speed stability without losing any jib capabilities.

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3BT Asym Shape

ASYM 3BT™ is a twist on our twin design that balances your body’s build on the board with shorter edge uplift area on the heelside, which offers better heelside stability. At the same time the toeside edge, where you have more control and leverage over the board, has a longer uplift section for a loose, playful feeling. The board shape remains completely twin; We dont mess with the radii, it’s only the uplift that is asymmetrical.

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Twin Pow

3BT Twin Pow Shape

TWIN POW 3BT™ is a shorter wider platform with a narrow center base and increased sidebase uplift. With this shape you can float a short board in pow and get super creative. ride switch and land jumps in the deep stuff. In the resort its awesome on sidehits and super fun to ride all over. It’s the perfect board if you want to ride resort pow and not change your style too much when it gets deep.

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3BT Freestyle Shape

FREESTYLE 3BT™ is the most all mountain shape in the line. Its twin-ish shape and medium centerbase width produce a powerful ride with freestyle tendencies and powder float. It’s ideal for riders that like to charge the whole mountain, from powder to park.

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Sidekick Logo

The all new SideKickTM tips make 3BT even better. the increased uplift in the widest points of the board make the boards smoother to ride. SideKickTM is featured on: Eiki Pro, Halldor Pro, Sender and Floater.