2018 A.A. Sea Creature

Zeachman, aka Big Mike Gonsalves, has been an electrifying figure in the snowboard scene for years. Whether he’s taking his shirt off and hitting the massive wall ride at Superpark or creating insane art, he’s someone we’re stoked to team up with and bring you this special Artist Addition board. It’s built on the Halldor Pro shape so it’s ready for anything.


Soft/Playful Medium Stiff/Aggressive


6 carbon strips positioned rail to rail beneath the bindings give Halldor all the support he needs landing big features and riding fast.


150 153 156 157W160W
contact length (cm)110 113 115 114117
waist width (mm) 246 250 254 264266
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.80 7.90 8.05 7.958.20
inserts 24 24 24 2424
stance width (cm) 50-6250.5-62.551-6351-6351.5-63.5



Tail mid Camber Nose