2018 A.A. Reaper

Built on the Eiki pro shape and featuring art by renowned English renegade Schoph Schophield, the ‘Reaper’ Artist Addition is guaranteed to turn heads. With his legend status in the UK scene as a keeper of snowboarding’s nearly forgotten outlaw roots, Schoph was the perfect fit with Halldor and Eiki to design this Special Addition board.


Soft/Playful Medium Stiff/Aggressive


The additional carbon lay ups give this board added stability and control around the binding area while still allowing for smooth presses.


148 151 154 154W
contact length (cm)107 109 111 111
waist width (mm) 250 251 253 264
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.60 7.65 7.70 8.05
inserts 20 20 20 20
stance width (cm) 52.5-60.253.4-61.454.5-62.550.5-62.5



Tail low Camber Nose